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You're Mine (Ciel Phantomhive oneshot for ShikabaneYumi)

 (Just imagine him a bit older)

Anime: Kuroshitsuji 2, (it doesn't particularly matter! Claude is just a creeper, hmm?)
Crush:Ciel Phantomhive
Name: Vivian Bellevoir
Race: Human, just very weird. :D
Age: 15 (see the Other thing at the bottom, please!)
Looks/appearance: Long brown wavy hair that goes to her waist, deep green eyes (like foresty~ :3), lightly tanned skin- which is natural, not that they have tanning booths back then! XD- . Usually wears darker colored floor length dresses (rather than how Lizzy would dress), colors such as purple, red, green, blue, grey, and black.
Occupation: Helps her family make sure the family business (of jewelry making) stays in order, sometimes sketching ideas. Except what she doesn't know, is that her family is trying to marry her off for more money (and all the things such as that).
Family: Just a mother and a father, but is distantly related to Alois (as in the Trancy, not Jim Macken)
Personality: Kind and sweet, but sometimes she is just merely acting. Can occasionally get riled up easily, and has a bit of a temper.
Likes: Music (playing and listening), drawing, walking, investigating (since she could help Ciel from time to time), animals, books, poems, reading, visting the Undertaker sometimes! :D and parties.
Dislikes: Creepy people, alcohol, wine, forced love, being forced into things, Viscount Druitt, cruel people, torture, murder.
Other: Would it be at all possible if it was just a little AU? As in, Ciel and her are a little older. To me, it just seems a little peculiar for 13 year olds to be in a relationship. That's just me. If its a bother, then never mind.


"Father, who am I meeting today? This is the third man this week. They're all a bunch of scums!" The young Miss Vivian said. And she was right.
All this week, her family arranged for her to meet a certain man. All caring for money in particular. Why they always sent her men, she didn't exactly know.

"Oh, you know this one. Earl Ciel Phantomhive of the Phantomhive Manor."

Her father saying this made Vivian's heart skip a beat. She has like the 15 year old earl for awhile now, and meeting him gave her a reason to be giddy.

"Really? When will he be here?!"

"By dinner. Now go upstairs and get ready."

"...Yes Father."
Vivian sighed, but did as she was told. As she was walking up the stair, she didn't see her parents smile quite cruelly. They might actually send her away now!


Vivian was in her room, just passing time by sketching a design for her parents company. She was already dressed for meeting Ciel. She wore a red and black dress that went down to her feet, but she could still walk safely.
She was in her own little world, that is, until a rather loud knock was heard- ruining her mood.

"What do you want! I was busy!" Vivian yelled, not wanting to come out of her room.

"Do not take that tone with me! Come downstairs, Earl Phantomhive is waiting for dinner!" Her gruff voiced father exclaimed.

'Finally he arrived! I am quite bored, just sitting in my room.'

Vivian practically ran to open her door, but when she was out, she walked calmly and swiftly.

"Oh Vivian darling! Come sit to Earl Phantomhive. You two should get more acquainted with each other!" Said her mother.

"Fine. Hello Ciel."

"Hello Vivian."

Even though he didn't say much, Vivian knew that the Earl was just being his normal self around other. Actually when Vivian would go to his Manor, Ciel was much more talkative-at least to her at least.

"For tonight's dinner, we are having parfait. I hope you find it to your expertise."

"Thank you Sebastian, but you didn't have to prepare dinner, you are like a guest." Vivian's mother said.

"Oh, but if I couldn't do a simple thing like this, what kind of butler would I be?"


"That was very good! Don't you think Ciel?"

"I suppose is was appetizing, but now we must get to business."

"Business? What are you talking about? Should I have kno-"

Darling," Vivian's father said," you should go up to your room. This business is priv-"

"Oh I believe it's not. You daughter has a right to know." Ciel stated, standing up.

Right now, Vivian was very confused.

"Father? What is he talking about?"

"Vivian, go up to your-"

"No! Tell me, or else I'll have Ciel tell me!"
When she saw that her father and mother wouldn't cooperate with her, she turned to Ciel for answers.

"It seems as thought your parents don't care for you. They offered me quite a lot of money to take your hand in marriage, and it seems as though they have done that for the other men as well."

Vivian couldn't really contain her anger, she was furious, and all this time she thought her parents actually cared for her.

"Why, you ask? Because we don't need you here anymore! You are no more important to us, you are a piece of trash!" Her father yelled.

"If you really think that way, then I will just leave. I'm going to go pack and head out." Vivian was actually quite calm when she said this, but you could here a tint of sadness in her voice.

"No need Miss Vivian, I have packed your bags. It is under my master's request to have you stay in the manor." Sebastian came down the stairs, with bags full of Vivian's things.

"Thank you. Thank you Ciel."

And with that, Vivian left her once safe place and into the world on her own.


It has been a few months since that incident, and Vivian now resigns in the Phantomhive manor. Not as a guest though, she wanted to repay Ciel by being a maid and helping  him with some investigations. Right now thought, Vivian was currently walking towards Ciel's studies; he wanted to tell her something, as Sebastian said.

 Vivian knocked and opened the door. "Ciel? You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, now sit. Please."
She did as he said.

"Now, I know that you held feelings for me since you started working here."

'What?! And he barely tells me now!! He doesn't even like me, is he going to humiliate me?'

"And I have come into a conclusion that I also have feelings for you."

"B-but what about Lady Elizabeth?"
Vivian was quite shocked, she didn't think Ciel would actually say this, and he has a fiance too!

"I broke off the engagement last week. I didn't tell you because it would have been better a surprise."

"......AWWW CIEL!!!!"
And after that, a fire spread through Vivian and ran towards Ciel, kissing him fully on the lips. Before she knew what she did though, Ciel started kissing back.
He held Vivian by the waist, holding on tight, afraid to let go.
Once they both broke apart for air, the two 15 year olds were blushing brightly.

"Um, that"

" was. Now," Ciel pulled her close to him," you are mine, and only mine."

"Of course! Who else's would I be?"

All the while a certain butler was eavesdropping on their conversation. But after he could here nothing, he walked away. Not wanting to interrupt the two lovers in their alone time.

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  1. What exactly is there "alone time" you should make it part of the story ;)